Membership Registration is Now Open for The BHB BaaS Association

Membership Registration is Now Open for The BHB BaaS Association


AUSTIN, TX – Membership registration for The Bankers Helping Bankers© BaaS Association is now open. As another step towards the mission to save community banking, the nation’s elite BaaS banks enlisted the help of Bankers Helping Bankers to create the first Banking-as-a-Service Association for fintech sponsor banks.
To learn more, please visit the
BHB BaaS Association homepage and join now.
The BaaS Association is a safe harbor for: Fintechs, Sponsor Banks, and Banks.

Protect the Integrity of Banking, Ensure Compliance, and Enable Fintech

The BaaS Association will strengthen community banking, deliver new technology and more diverse products to a more inclusive audience. Our goal is to protect the integrity of banking, ensure compliance, and enable fintech in a responsible compliant way.

  • Coordinate legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts to promote an environment for the responsible delivery of BaaS
  • Promote best practices and standards for the delivery of BaaS to non-banks.
  • Build a community of like-minded bankers and other industry participants to share experiences, insights, successes, and failures realized in BaaS endeavors.
  • Connect Federally-insured financial institutions to the fintech technology partners who will help them facilitate a successful BaaS program.

​“BaaS represents the greatest hope in a generation for the future of community banking, embracing new technologies and new diverse products that are more inclusive for all.” said Tanner Mayo, Co-Founder of Bankers helping Bankers. “Combined we are bigger than the biggest bank in the United States.”

Memberships are now open to BaaS banks, those looking to become BaaS banks, Fintechs, and Vendors. Member benefits include:
Member (BaaS Banks):

  • Exclusive BHB BaaS member chat board
  • Member Networking​
  • Private document sharing
  • Newsletter BaaS + FinTech Data ​
  • Best Practices and opt-in industry standard ​
  • Representation to state & federal regulators​
  • Legislative agenda​
  • VIP attendance to annual Roundup in-person event
  • Annual online BaaS event​
  • Press Media Kit – Recognition​
  • Voting rights

​Affiliate Member (Non-BaaS Banks, Fintechs or Vendors):

  • Newsletter ​BaaS + FinTech Data ​
  • Representation to state & federal regulators​
  • Legislative agenda​
  • Press Media Kit – Recognition​
  • Online BaaS Event annually​
  • Sponsor opportunities at events​
  • Directory listing

About Bankers Helping Bankers:

Bankers Helping Bankers is a bankers-only social+platform for collaboration and education. Through data tools and dynamic user groups, Bankers Helping Bankers provides community bankers with a knowledge base focused on bank technology and emerging Fintech companies, as well as hot topics such as cryptocurrencies, banking-as-a-service, becoming a sponsor bank, and launching a direct digital brand. The BHB platform is free for bankers, reaching 75% of banks. Join the movement to help save community banking.

Contact Information

Rachel Hernandez

Director of Marketing, FedFis

(512) 284-4987

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