MOCA Financial Joins BHB BaaS Association

MOCA Financial Joins BHB BaaS Association

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  – September 22, 2022


MOCA Financial, the leader in advanced digital account platforms featuring virtual cards and payment processing solutions, announced today that it has joined the newly launched Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) Association.

The BaaS Association was formed by Bankers Helping Bankers, a FedFis and Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT) collaborative, that connects bankers nationwide so that they can identify solutions that will enable them to compete with large financial institutions.

“The Banking-as-a-Service Association is enabling banks and Fintechs like MOCA to partner in an atmosphere of shared community, innovation and insights to advance banking products and strategies for success further than they could have otherwise,” said Shawn Sinner, President and CRO of MOCA. “This is a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with community banks to offer a digital account with payment processing and innovative features that will weaponize them against the competition.”

MOCA offers extensive products under one umbrella that banks otherwise would have to pursue with individual vendors at great cost. MOCA has dedicated its development to providing community banks an end-to-end, cost-effective product to compete with the big banks. “We are thrilled to work with BaaS to develop relationships and strategize closely with community banks to drive their success.” said Sinner.

The BHB BaaS Association is a premiere governance association with the purpose of promoting, creating, and supporting Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) and is aimed at serving the unique needs of BaaS sponsor banks. The Association seeks to:

Coordinate legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts to encourage the responsible delivery of BaaS by federally insured depository institutions.

Promote best practices and standards for the delivery of BaaS products to non-banks.

Build a community of like-minded bankers and other industry participants to share experiences, insights, and learnings.

Connect federally insured financial institutions to the technology partners who will help them facilitate a successful BaaS program.

BaaS is seeing a tremendous increase in bank participants fueled by rapid expansion in fintech funding and a constant supply of new startups. It is a highly specialized business that requires unique technology, regulatory and compliance expertise, and operational capabilities.

Dave Mayo, co-founder of BHB, said “MOCA is exactly the type of fintech the BHB BaaS Association likes… solid compliance, while protecting the consumer and the bank, with a much better product for the end user. Think about it, advanced products that also generate income for the bank – what more could you ask for?”

About MOCA

MOCA Financial, headquartered in Bastrop, Texas is a highly advanced digital account and payment processing platform in one. Founded and managed by financial institutions and payment industry veterans with well over 125 years of industry experience, MOCA’s principals have been developing cutting edge financial products for decades. Our Mission is simple: To provide the best one-source solution for financial institutions, government entities, not-for-profit organizations, and businesses, so that they may offer consumers simple digital access to manage their money and to provide the self-issuance of virtual cards to fit their everyday active use of a payment instrument. For more information, please visit

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