New BaaS Channel Launched for Bankers and FinTech’s Collaboration

New BaaS Channel Launched for Bankers and FinTech’s Collaboration

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  – November 22, 2022

AUSTIN, TEXAS –The BHB BaaS Association levels-up BaaS (Banking-as-a-Service) for members with the launch of the new BaaS Channel inside of the Bankers Helping Bankers platform. Finally, there is a place for fintechs and banks to come together.​​

“As a first step, at the board level, we are often asked by banks ‘how do I find a fintech?’ and vice versa, fintechs asking how they find a BaaS Bank.” said Dave Mayo, Co-Founder of Bankers Helping Bankers. “It was apparent we needed an unbiased way of connecting the two that wasn’t difficult to find”. BaaS banks already vet hundreds per year and only select a few. Where do the remainder go? It wasn’t for the lack of innovation or quality, often they simply did not fit the balance sheet needs of the Bank.

In addition to uncovering BaaS banking opportunities, the BaaS Channel will guide bankers looking to become a BaaS Bank through knowledge sharing, networking, and education by established BaaS Banks.
If you are a banker looking to explore BaaS banking, a BaaS bank looking to find fintechs, or a fintech looking to connect with banks, the BHB BaaS Association can help your journey to the next evolution of your organization.

The BaaS Channel is free for all members of the BHB BaaS Association, join here.

About The BHB BaaS Association:

The BHB BaaS Association was formed with the purpose of promoting, creating, and supporting Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) in a safe and compliant way. Our goal is to teach and guide bankers through education, collaboration, and find new ways for community banks to make money. BaaS is a highly specialized niche and one that is seeing a tremendous increase in bank participants. Bankers are enabling financial services across the country, there simply aren’t enough BaaS Sponsor banks to meet the growing demand from hundreds of FinTech applicants. The BaaS Association aims to serve the unique needs of BaaS Sponsor banks. For more information, visit

Source: FI FinTech Newsroom

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